Apple says: closing iPhone apps does not stop battery drain

This week Apple made clear that closing apps in the background of your iPhone will not make your battery life better. Surprise! This is very likely the way in which you found yourself attempting to keep your phone running longer, and according to Apple, it was all for nothing! Lucky you, though, now that you're here, we've got a set of three sure-fire ways to actually REALLY increase your battery life well beyond what you were doing before.SEE MORE: I'm getting 2-day battery life on my iPhone – here's how

What's interesting about the actual communication sent from Apple to one user this week was that it didn't explicitly say that closing background apps wouldn't save battery life. Instead, the user "Craig" asked "do you quit your iOS multitasking apps frequently and is this necessary for battery life?"

To that, Apple's Craig Federighi simply said "no and no."

That does not mean that there will be NO effect whatsoever.

Have a peek at the full post to see the email.

Then come back and check it: we've got the cure for what ails ye.

1. TIP: Turn off background app refresh for your apps.2. TIP: Turn off notifications.3. TIP: Turn off location tracking.

You'll find Background App Refresh in your settings under "General." From there you'll have a list of apps that will already be using your background data – you can choose to turn the entire lot of them off, or you can choose each app individually.

I recommend you turn off Facebook, for starters.

Notifications can be fun, but for the most part they're a burden to the general populace. In Settings, head to Notifications. There you have the option "DO NOT INCLUDE" on the whole collection of apps you've got downloaded.

Take the ones out that pop up most – bang! Less battery used.

Location tracking is helpful when you're navigating your way through the city you're in. If you use location tracking to mark where you are when you eat every meal you partake in, may god have mercy on your battery.

And if all else fails, turn on Airplane Mode. That'll just turn your iPhone into an iPod and you'll be good to go for hours at a time.