Classic and modern Ford Mustangs welded together for the sake of art

Now here's something you don't see everyday: one half from two different cars welded together lengthwise, the first being a 1965 Ford Mustang, and the second from a 2015 model Mustang. Ford created the display as a way to highlight 50 years of innovation in the automotive industry, with a focus on how different a single car model can be over that amount of time.

The Mustangs will be part of a permanent display exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, located in Alexandria, Virginia. The creation is more than just an art display however, as museum visitors will be invited to sit in the two halves and experience the driver's perspective from 1965 and 2015.

The modern-day Mustang half came from a righthand-drive model that was sacrificed for the display, while the left side is merely a replica of the 1965 Mustang. When sitting on either half, visitors can also hear audio recordings of what each model's V8 engine sounds like while idling.

It's interesting to see just how much of the modern Mustang's design Ford tries to keep loyal to the classic. But while recent years have seen the Mustang adopt a clear retro-influenced style, seeing the two fused together makes it apparent just much more burly and muscular the 2015 model is compared to the 1965.

SOURCE National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum