Clarion MiND price cut: still too expensive

The Clarion MiND navigation-MID seemed like a great idea when we first saw it back in January 2008, but a lengthy time to market and a car crash of a review has seemingly turned off all but the most avid of Clarion collectors.  That's why, we'd wager, Amazon has had to lower the price of the MiND: you can now pick up the white and red versions of the MID for just $530.

That's a pretty significant reduction from the $650 the Clarion MiND sells for elsewhere online (or indeed from the $699 MRSP).  Amazon had already discounted the touchscreen device down by a further $50; currently the black version retails for around $28 more.

Your money gets you an 800MHz Intel Atom processor, 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen, 4GB SSD storage and integrated Bluetooth and WiFi.  It also, according to reviews, gets you shockingly poor battery life, a bulky casing and poor audio.

[via Pocketables]