Chromecast apps readied for December hackathon

There's a type of event that's been happening in recent months and years that hardware manufacturers call "hackathons", events where developers are encouraged to bring their biggest and best to the table. For the most part, these hackathon events are pushed to bring apps to platforms that have a distinct lack of software partners. In the case of the upcoming Chromecast hackathon, Google is encouraging the world to continue boosting the already-blossoming environment of Chromecast apps in place today.

What you'll find with the apps developed for this $35 streaming device is connections along the lines of Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, and the like. Google has already struck connections between Chromecast and Hulu Plus and the higher-end HBO Go, now they're looking to attach to 3rd party developers of all kinds.

The hackathon for Chromecast will take place on December 7th and December 8th, 2013. This two-day event series will take place at Google's Mountain View presence (the Googleplex, that is), and will be launching just before the final first release of the Google Cast SDK. That's the Software Development Package that'll allow massive amounts of developers to join in on the app connection fun.

"Registration is a two-step process. Anyone can register, but as we can only accommodate a small number of attendees, priority will be given to those developers who have experience with the Google Cast Preview SDK. You can sign up anytime before November 25, 2013." – Google

Developers can sign up for the event now, and do so before the start of next week – or forever hold your casts. Have a peek at SlashGear's full Chromecast review for more details on the device itself, and keep with the hacking 'til the cows come home.

VIA: Thomas Kjeldsen, liliputing