Chromebooks now being utilized by 22% of K-12 US school districts

Google's Chromebooks are now being used in 22-percent of all K through 12 school districts in the United States, according to Google's Vice President of Product Management for Chromebook Caesar Sengupta. Likewise, Chromebooks now represent 3-percent of the back to school PC market share, having achieved that figure in a one year time span, something the VP is reportedly happy with.

The information was provided to the folks at Business Insider, who spoke to the Google VP. The market share statistic comes from NPD Group, which also shows that 175,000 Chromebooks were sold in the back-to-school time period between June 30 and September 7, a span of time when companies typically offer back to school sales to encourage students to pick up their devices.

Following multiples rumors spanning a handful of weeks, it was revealed on September 11 that both ASUS and Toshiba had jumped aboard the Chrome OS wagon, with both an ASUS Chromebox and a yet-unnamed Toshiba Chromebook being slated. A couple weeks later, the Acer C720 Chromebook was unveiled as the C7 reboot. The inclusion of Intel Haswell with the platform also promises to bring its own perks, namely better performance and a doubling of battery life.

Said Sengupta on the back-to-school sales numbers, "We are heavily investing in Chromebooks. There's two different segments we care a lot about," with those two being K-12 schools and consumers. With Chromebooks seeing an increase in school adoption, Google would potentially enjoyer wider adoption of its Chrome OS platform as a result due to the familiarity students will form with the operating system.

SOURCE: Business Insider