Chrome search bug frustrates surfers [Update: Fixed!]

Google's Chrome browser is the most popular in the world, so that's a lot of people potentially frustrated by a search bug that delivers nothing but blank results pages. The issue arises when users take advantage of the Chrome "Omnibox" address bar, which allows for either URLs or search terms to be entered interchangeably. Both PC and Mac users are finding that, at least some of the time, their searches come up entirely blank. Check out the workaround after the cut.

Google has confirmed it is aware of the issue, and is looking into it, though has not given any suggestion as to what caused the fault. Still, the problem has been a persistent one for several hours, though it does not necessarily affect all searches.

Chrome overtook rival browsers in recent weeks, with Google triumphantly announcing that it is the number one worldwide at IO last week. The company also released a version of Chrome for iOS on the iPhone and iPad, though it uses Apple's own WebKit engine rather than the Chrome engine on PC and Mac.

There is, however, a workaround, modified slightly from a suggestion by Brian Glasshouse. It involves setting a new, alternative search engine that is used temporarily until Google addresses the problem directly.

Problem: When submitting a search with in the address bar (Omnibox) in Chrome, you are automatically redirected to a blank page and no results are displayed.
Solution: Click the wrench icon and navigate to "Settings." Under the Search section, click "Manage Search Engines" and do the following:

1. Create an alternative Google search option from Other Search Engines (call it Google2 or something), but in the URL section type ""

2. Make the new Google option the default option, ensuring that the old identifier still exists.

3. Use this option until Google fixes the issue (we will update you when it does), it will restore all the functionality of the Omnibox and other features that the temporary solution doesn't provide.

Update: Google says the issue should be resolved.

[via The Next Web]