310m active users makes Chrome the top browser worldwide

The second keynote of Google I/O 2012 has kicked off, with the news that the Chrome browser is now up to 310 million active users, compared to 160m back at IO 2011. The browser has had a significant surge in adoption – Google counted 70m active users back in 2010 – and the search giant claims that by all the metrics it can find, Chrome is the most popular web browser globally.

Chrome isn't just widely adopted, it's saving time and energy according to Sundar Pichai of Chrome and Apps for Google. In fact, the omnibar search box – which allows users to search or put addresses into the same box – apparently saves 13 years of human life every single day.

Meanwhile, there's 60 billion words typed into Chrome every day, and 1TB of data downloaded. Google also demonstrated sync between Chrome on different devices, something else that the company says will save user-time.

You can download Chrome from here.