Chrome Remote Desktop for Android coming soon: Splashtop beware

Down in the depths of the testing arena for Google's Chrome known as Chromium, you'll find the first whispers of "Chromoting", aka Chrome Remote Desktop for Android – connecting the two worlds with a mirrored interface. While the directories themselves aren't especially telling for the lay person, you'll find the concept a bit more enthralling if you're interested in controlling your computer from your smartphone from any location you may roam.

You'll find Remote Desktop access inside of several of Google's current services this summer, one of the most recent implementations being inside Google+ Hangouts. This service was introduced back in May of this year, allowing any user able to sign in with Hangouts to control a computer in the chat if it'd been checkmarked for access. This was well before Hangouts was introduced for Android as a bit of a re-branding of Google Talk and multi-form connection for mobile devices to the social network, mind you.

NOTE: Amongst the several apps with similar functionality to this on the market today is Splashtop, appearing not just on Android, but on Windows Phone, iOS, OS X, and Windows as well.

Chrome Remote Desktop was originally pushed out of beta back in October of 2012. That same month, SlashGear reviewed the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook and did a separate demonstration of Remote Desktop with the Chromebook and a MacBook Pro – have a peek!

Once this service appears in Android, it'll take the form of a unique app with – tentatively – the same icon as the service inside Chrome. It was Francois Beaufort, Chromium evangelist and developer of neat new things that found the code we're seeing here, complete with mention of the "Chromoting Android app" as it very well may be called in the end.