Chrome Browser Updated At Google Chrome Event

We've got our man Ben on the scene over at the Google Chrome Event and he's bringing us live updates and images as fast as he hears them live. Feel free to follow along with us and the other 120 million Chrome browsers. First up, all the stuff you're gonna love for the future of the Chrome browser itself!

First off, OMNI box, searching from the browser window URL box, brought down to one single character instantaneous remembering of what you want to find.

PDF Reader brings you PDFs instantly, a 900 page document now loads in an instant.

WEB GL loads graphics offline to bring you graphical content asap. A tank of 3D fish (Liquid Galaxy) brought to you again, in an instant. The Google team have also whipped up a demo of a 3D body with which you can see all layers, one after another, instantly, searching for any body part, zooming, all of this very very fast.

V8 allowed Google Chrome to move sixteen times faster than Internet Explorer when it launched, now 32 times faster than the average web browser today. CRANKSHAFT, a new addition added today, makes actions 100 times faster than Internet Explorer was 3 years ago. Intense.

Chrome, they've realized, is only a tool to view the web. Minimizing the browser itself, they're down to 7 click targets. Seamless, automatic updates are now a feature, auto in the way that users are completely unaware.

Same Chrome Experience Everywhere. Independent of the machine you use.

Security – bad guys wait for exploits to be announced now instead of searching for them. Many layers are being added to keep you secure on Chrome. Auto updating helps negate this. Next, sandboxing is implemented. What this does is to trap malicious codes and attacks to one place, this sort of functionality Google says is ONLY on Chrome. Flash is one place specifically where they aim to sandbox completely. Next, they move on to Chrome's Web Store.