Chrome 27 brings desktop features to Android, we go hands-on

Today the Android version of the Chrome web browser has been updated to "Chrome 27", this bringing with it the first wave of desktop abilities promised at Google I/O 2013. This update will be a free update for users – as always – and is optimized for both smartphone and tablet-sized devices. As it is in Chrome on one platform, so too shall it be on the other.

As outlined in bits back during the Google I/O 2013 main keynote, this mobile experience will be expanding to work with expanded abilities in the webGL department and more Google Wallet features than you can shake a finger at. For now though, the upgrade begins with autocomplete action.

In addition to the autocompletion of forms run by Chrome's cross-device abilities to remember what you've saved, you'll now have client-side certificate support. When a site requires you to use a certificate, Chrome for your Android device will now be able to assist you – and install, too.

This upgrade will allow Tab history on tablets – just a long-press on your browser back button will pull it up. You'll also have a bunch of fixes on the back end you'll never see – performance and stability updates, for the most part.

Chrome 27 bring with it Fullscreen on phones – this is the first time you'll have been able to pull up and allow the internet – not your tab bar – taking up your entire display. Unfortunately it does appear that your notifications menu – set by Android itself – will have to stay.

Finally you'll be working with simpler searching. If you type a term into the box that Google calls its "Omnibox", also known as the URL bar, you'll find your search query to remain there as you're searching. While some platforms require that you type your term over completely each time you want to search, this allows you to make minor corrections in spelling or spacing, if need be.

This update to Chrome is available right this minute through Google Play for Android devices. If you don't yet have Chrome on your Android device, picking it up at any point is a totally free affair as well.