Chinese console rips off PS4 chassis, Xbox One controller

We've seen homemade hardware mods that combine the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into a single console before, but no one outdoes the Chinese when it comes to such shenanigans. Errr, wait, unless you were expecting something that actually plays PS4 or Xbox One games. Meet the OUYE, the Chinese crowdfunding console that looks exactly like a PS4, and comes with a controller that rips off the Xbox One's. It's not even a real gaming console, as it's actually an Android-powered micro-console, which means even the name is an OUYA ripoff!

The incredibly obvious copyright-infringing OUYE is currently seeking funding on, China's own version of Kickstarter. Backers can buy one for about $70, but from judging from commenters, even Chinese people are mocking it for how obvious of a rip off it is.

The OUYE is said to a bit more powerful than Razor's recently acquired OUYA, however with dated specs. The machine runs Android 4.4.2, and is powered by an octa-core A80 processor. But at least it offers 4K support!

In case it wasn't obvious, the OUYE console has a shape that is exactly the same as Sony's PS4, and the controller is nearly identical to that of the Xbox One, although with a few extra buttons in the center. If all this weren't funny enough, the company behind the system claims they spent "6 months on the unique design." At least Chinese gamers recognize they're better off just putting their money towards the real consoles coming to their country.

VIA Kotaku