PlayBox gaming system is an Xbox One and PS4 in one device

We have seen gaming consoles turned into laptops in the past that have all the hardware inside for you to play games without having to lug around a TV or monitor and the default form factor of the game console. A new device has turned up that combines both a PS4 and an Xbox One into one 22-inch laptop form factor.

The device was built for a customer who wanted both devices in a laptop style portable and is called the PlayBox. The only issue that remains after the two consoles were combined is that the capacitive touch button for the PS4 doesn't work all the time.

The builder says that you can always turn the PS4 on using the controller though. The screen is a 22-inch Vizio unit, the PS4 is housed on the left side of the laptop enclosure, and the Xbox One is on the right side. The device uses a single power cord for power and does have to be plugged in to work.

The finished product is missing the Xbox One USB ports, but both machines have Ethernet ports and the WiFi on both game consoles works. Both consoles also have HDMI outputs. Players can change between the units with a red switch on the back of the laptop. The builder says that while this was a prototype and isn't for sale he might build another for the right price. He gives no indication of what that right price might be.

SOURCE: Edsjunk