Chinavision CVOB-E72 pico-projector packs Linux & WiFi for YouTube playback

We've seen pico-projectors with integrated low-power PCs before, but Chinavision's CVOB-E72 goes one step further.  As well as a VGA resolution projector, you also get a Linux-based OS with WiFi b/g, a battery apparently good for up to 2hrs runtime, and a wireless remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard.

As well as playing videos, audio and images saved either to an SD card or a USB memory stick, you can plug in an analog A/V source such as a portable DVD player.  Alternatively, thanks to the WiFi, you can go online and apparently play streaming internet video and radio, as well as access online photo galleries.

Chinavision say you can access YouTube (suggesting Flash video support) and Flickr, and the price – $267.76 – is competitive even with a basic standalone pico-projector that lacks the onboard browsing functionality.  In fact the only thing missing is full web browsing; that really would've been the icing on the cake.

[via AboutProjectors]