CES 2016 will be heavy on the VR

This week we've received a glass cube with a "hologram" of a smartphone inside – it's an invitation to an event at CES 2016. This is just one example of the absolute above-and-beyond effort manufacturers and developers are pouring in to the promotion of virtual reality devices and software. In this case, the brand is YEZZ, and the device is a smartphone that can capture the world around you in virtual reality mode. HTC, too, will be bringing another big VR package to the consumer electronics show 2016.

Just yesterday afternoon the news was dropped – or whispered, was more like it – that HTC would be bringing their HTC Vive virtual reality headset DK2 to CES 2016. That's the second-wave developer kit headset, and it precedes the consumer launch of the device, which will take place in April.

YEZZ, on the other hand, has already shown off their YEZZ VR 360 series (phones which come with a Google Cardboard viewer) in October of this year – 2015. You might not have heard of them – the launch wasn't all that massive by larger manufacturer's standards.

It's the new "YEZZ Sfera" smartphone that you're seeing here in "hologram" form. It'll be the hero phone for the YEZZ VR 360 series of smartphones, and it'll be able to capture spherical virtual reality photos or videos. And we'll be seeing it at CES 2016 in full form for the first time.

So they sent us a glass cube.

Nice of them to do that, wasn't it?

Hit up our Virtual Reality tag portal for more – and stick around for CES 2016, taking place January 6th through the 9th – though we'll have several events on the 5th as well. The whole entire lot will be inside the CES 2016 tag portal for you.