HTC Vive release date set, Valve VR DK2 incoming

Chris Burns - Dec 8, 2015, 4:42pm CST
HTC Vive release date set, Valve VR DK2 incoming

HTC has announced the release date of their Valve collaborative project, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This headset uses a couple of hand controllers and a room-wide playing area to differentiate itself from the competition, and exists as a team effort between HTC (for manufacturing) and Valve (for software). We had our first look at the HTC Vive and Steam VR back in March of this year – now just a little over a year later, the device will be headed to stores for the masses.

HTC’s official blog on the matter suggests that they will be “starting the new year by making an additional 7,000 units available to developers, followed by commercial availability in April 2016.” That means units for you at a (hopefully) reasonable price point.
HTC Vive hands-on: That Valve VR wow-factor

Word of this matter also comes (via UploadtoVR) to Vive developers this afternoon, suggesting that a new developer kit will be premiering at CES in January. After that event, the developer kit 2 (DK2) will be made available to developers aplenty.

Below you’ll get a peek at our first hands-on experience with the HTC Vive back at Mobile World Congress 2015, where Chris Davies said, “with the reassuring voice of a Vive engineer whispering in my ear, I got to try out a number of demo apps and environments created for the platform by Valve and others, including the first announced title for SteamVR.”

Stick around – we’ll be seeing the next version soon enough. Then come Spring, we’ll be bringing you a full review, one way or the other!

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