Cellbots Android app wants to be your robot’s brain [Video]

Chris Davies - Dec 28, 2010
Cellbots Android app wants to be your robot’s brain [Video]

We first wrote about the Cellbots project back in March, when Android tinkerers were first looking at the potential to use a Googlephone as the brain for simple Arduino-based robots. Now that project has spawned a full – and comprehensive – Android app, allowing you to use your handset as a remote control for a robot (with various platforms supported), as a brain directly mounted on the robot itself, or even pairing two handsets to delivery both roles.

Video demo after the cut

The free app – available in the Android Market for 2.2+ devices – works with iRobot Create, LEGO MINDSTORMS, VEX Pro, and custom Arduino Cellbots. At its most basic, it functions as a simple directional pad for the ‘bot; however, it can also respond to voice commands, stream video directly from the robot platform over the net, and send compass headings back to a remote operator.

In brain-mode, the app basically creates a web-accessible control page with streamed content, from which you can log in remotely and direct the robot. Impressive stuff; how long before someone straps their Android phone onto a Parrot AR.Drone?

[via Android Community]

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