Android voice-recognition used for Cellbot control [Video]

The group of DIY robot builders over at Cellbots decided that Android's native voice recognition system was too good to be wasted on drunk-dialling your mother and searching for the latest sports scores, and so they added support for voice control to their 'bot platform.  Intended as a low-cost way to make a potentially autonomous robot, using an Android phone (in this case T-Mobile's G1) as the brain, with the addition of voice recognition you can now tell the Cellbots robot exactly what you want it to do.

Using an Arduino to bridge the motors and other hardware to the smartphone, the team only actually needed to add a single line of code to their software in order to take advantage of voice recognition.  It's not the speediest way to control your 'bot – Google's recognition system is off-device, so the phone has to send your command to the servers and wait to get the instructions back after they've been processed – but it's more than a lot of other DIY robots can manage.

[via Android Community]