CarPlay does not include Pandora support

With the demonstration of Apple's CarPlay today, questions about third-party app support arose. Upon launch, CarPlay will include Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Beats Radio, and the Podcasts App. Notably lacking from the list is Pandora, with the Internet radio service confirming it won't be integrated with CarPlay.

The company confirmed its lack of support with Apple's CarPlay to the folks at MacRumors, with Pandora saying that despite its lack of integration with CarPlay, "[Apple] continues to be a valued partner." Why Pandora wasn't included with CarPlay hasn't been made known, but the reasons could revolve around its competition with iTunes Radio.

Said Pandora in a statement to MacRumors: "At this time, Pandora is not integrated with Apple CarPlay. As a first mover in the auto space, we continue to broaden our relationships with OEMs while also exploring other opportunities to expand our presence in the car. Apple has been and continues to be a valued partner."

If you're unclear on what Apple CarPlay is, we've a handy SlashGear 101 that gives you the low-down. Apple has promised that support for additional third-party apps will come in the future, and though nothing is set in stone, the possibility exists Pandora could one day be among those future offerings.

SOURCE: MacRumors