Capcom looks to punish Street Fighter V players that quit matches early

If you've ever played any kind of competitive game online, like a FPS or fighting game, you're probably familiar with the "rage quit." It's when someone is so frustrated at being beaten by their opponent (usually by a wide margin), or they've been on a losing streak and just can't take another loss, so they quit the match instead of see it to the end. Turns out the newly launched Street Fighter V has a problem with players rage-quitting, and developer Capcom is asking for help in handling the situation.

In all of Capcom's experience in making games, it seems they failed to realize that players might quit matches early when playing online. As a result, players are quitting in some cases in order to maintain their win streak, as well as the points they've accrued up until then. Losing a match would wipe those out, while quitting poses no penalty, something most online games these days have taken account for.

In a blog post detailing what the developer is working on for forthcoming Street Fighter V patches, Capcom says the two main issues they are working to address are matchmaking improvements, or the system that pairs up two evenly-skilled players, and quitters. More details are to come next week on what exactly they're planning as a solution, but they do warn that the worst offenders will be "severely punished."

In addition, they are asking players to catch quitters in the act by making use of the PlayStation 4's "share" tools, which includes taking a screenshot at the press of a button. Video clips, such as archived streams from Twitch or just recordings made from the console will also suffice, however Capcom hasn't yet said exactly what it wants players to do with all this evidence just yet.

Unfortunately there was no timeline provided for when a permanent solution might be released as an update, but the punishments are to begin next week. So you're a Street Fighter V player that's been taking advantage of the system, this is your one warning to knock it off and play fair.