Canon sets up shop at Rio Olympics to assist photographers

Having been at a large number of international events where photography was involved, I can tell you – when you need help, it's very, very nice to have help. Canon has announced that they've brought their service and support crew (Canon Professional Services) to Brazil to assist with photographers' professional imaging equipment. They'll be repairing equipment, providing technical support, and loaning out big professional camera and gigantic zoom lenses, as well.

Canon's crew includes 70 "highly trained technicians and support staff" for the Olympics events specifically. They'll be in Brazil "for nearly a month", a time during which they'll be providing preventative maintenance and repairs to professional photographers and broadcasters.

"Canon is proud to offer professional photographers and broadcasters high quality image-making solutions that are thoughtfully designed and versatile so that they can capture sharp, clear, detailed images and video," said Elizabeth Pratt, director, Professional Client Development and Support, Canon U.S.A.

"Knowing that iconic images will be captured, seen and shared by people around the world really drives Canon to provide professionals with not only high quality equipment but the customer support they need to help ensure they never miss a beat if anything happens to their equipment."

The image above gives a general idea of how many pieces of imaging equipment Canon brings along to a major event like this. That's one whole heck of a lot of EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR units, that's for certain.

Have a peek at our feature on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II in our recent feature on the camera.

Canon Professional Services says they're sending nearly 1,600 EF lenses along for loans as well – those are the giant lenses you see above.

Canon Professional Services is a service which provides non-stop support for professional photographers around the world. They also provide equipment maintenance and repairs as well as – as explained above – on-site support for big events.