Canon EOS-1D C 4K sample footage revealed

Back in April, Canon announced the EOS-1D C and the 500D, both capable of recording 4K video. The company didn't announce pricing back then, but we'll hazard a guess that neither camera will be cheap. If handheld 4K video is relevant to your interests, then new footage reportedly shot using the EOS-1D C might be worth a watch. The folks over at EOSHD have managed to get their hands on the footage, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The Vimeo clip isn't the full 4K, however, instead encoded down to 1080p/24 H.264 from 4K/24 MJPEG. The footage is recorded at 8 bit 4:2:0, and a 32GB SD card can hold a grand total of eight minutes of footage. EOSHD doesn't seem overly impressed with the native 4K video output, saying it's a little on the soft side and lacking what other 4K video has. Still, for a camera of this size, it's still very good, with EOSHD noting the video is a big step up from video found on other DSLRs.

There's also the fact the camera this was pulled from is still an early prototype, and the footage hasn't been color timed at all. The final product, and resulting tweaks, may yield video that looks completely different. EOSHD does mention though that Canon has used "a strong anti-aliasing filter ... to prevent as much moire and aliasing as possible." You can peek the video for yourself below, and EOSHD has some 1:1 crops of the untouched 4K footage on its site plusĀ a very short 4K video sample.

[via Engadget]