Call of Duty: Black Ops Gets New 1.05 Patch, Continues to Try and Fix Multiplayer

Evan Selleck - Dec 22, 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops Gets New 1.05 Patch, Continues to Try and Fix Multiplayer

The patches just keep on coming. Despite the fact that Treyarch has said in the past that it tends to take a month before patches can be issued to consoles, here’s patch 1.05 just one week after 1.04 landed on the PlayStation 3. Despite the hot fix that was also released earlier in the week, Treyarch seems to be at a constant race to try and make the multiplayer experience what they wanted it to be, right out of the gate. Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 owners especially, that just hasn’t been the case.

However, with this latest patch, Treyarch is positive that most of the glaring holes have been filled. Mainly, the 1.05 patch is meant to improve the party reliability, especially when you try and leave a game with your party. Other inclusions in the patch are the ability to mute players in the pre-game lobby, as well as kick certain players from private matches, and in parties.

And yes, Treyarch has already said that more patches, and hot fixes, are coming. If you’ve managed to experience your game freezing from time to time, and you’ve noticed that it happens most often when two or more explosions happen in a concentrated area, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not your imagination. And Treyarch is working on it.

So for now, as we wait for the golden multiplayer egg that we all hope can be hatched, how is the game now working for you PlayStation 3 owners out there? We suggest, if it’s still not working to your liking, that you sit back and watch this LEGO version of Black Ops. It’s worth it.

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