Call of Duty: Black Ops Gets Hotfix for Online Connectivity

Yesterday, we reported that despite the best efforts from developer Treyarch, it looked like owners of the recently released game Call of Duty: Black Ops for Sony's PlayStation 3 were still seeing some major issues with network connectivity. Namely, while it wasn't the best connection possible right when the game released, it's actually been getting worse as each new patch was downloaded to consoles. The latest patch, v1.04, was the worst of the bunch it seemed, and many gamers for the PS3 had been voicing their opinions on the official Black Ops forums. Late last night, Treyarch's Community Manager Josh Olin stepped in, and came forward to respond to some "suggestions" in the forum, as well as announce that a hotfix had been released.

Within the forums, a rumor was beginning to pick up speed. Indeed, even in in the comments to the original story yesterday, someone was suggesting that if you delete your saved data for Black Ops, your network connectivity issues will go away. It had been reported that some people had seen better connections after the deletion of saved data. But Olin, who posts on the forums as "JD_2020" came forward and asked, specifically, "Please do not delete your save data, as it will not have an effect on network connectivity."

However, Olin did point out that people were indeed seeing some improvements to network connectivity. The reason? Treyarch had released a hotfix for the game around 12:30am ET, Wednesday evening. According to the Community Manager, that's why people have been seing improved stability, and it has nothing to do with deleting save data, or any other reasons that may pop up. Olin also reiterated what Treyarch as a whole said earlier, saying that the developer is committed to finding the cause of the network issues, and that more hotfixes are coming, so "stay tuned."

Has anyone seen any improvements since the early morning hours?

[via Call of Duty: Black Ops Forums]