Call of Duty: Black Ops Receives Patch, Infuriates PS3 Owners

Despite the fact that the same game may be released on multiple consoles, that doesn't necessarily mean that specific console owners are getting the same experience that others are getting. It's become a well known, and much-maligned, belief that the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops is the superior edition, while the PC and PlayStation 3 variations got the shaft, more or less. To drive this point home, PS3 owners have been vocal about the deteriorating condition of their games, even with each new patch that developer Treyarch releases.

And this latest patch, even if it is the biggest and most feature-rich of the patches released so far, doesn't seem to be making matters any better for PS3 owners. The official forum for the PS3 version of the copy has been filling up with angry players, all complaining about the same thing: network issues. Whether it's lag, all-out freezes, or just plain bad connectivity to other players, the trials and tribulations of these gamers seem to run the gamut of things that could possibly go wrong.

The patch, v1.04, includes plenty of extras for the game itself. This inclues 400 new contracts for players to take part in while playing multiplayer. New AI bots in offline mode, and a new multiplayer video editing mode called "Dolly Cam." Treyarch also says they've reduced some aspects of the "knife lunge," but from the forums, it seems that PS3 owners are still being harassed by this particular bug. As far as connection issues go, Treyarch believes that they are getting better at solving the continuous problems suffered by PS3 owners, but that not everything is going to get fixed right away. They're constantly updating the title, and plan on updating the game into the far future.

So far, the updates seem to be making the game worse for PS3 owners. If you have a PS3 and Black Ops let us know in the comments how your experience has been with the game, especially with the patches the developer has released.

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