Boxee Remote DSM-22 by D-Link Officially Announced

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Everyone's favorite path into the internet, the internet that's full of TV shows, movies, music, and photos that is, is getting an officially excellent remote. D-Link is stepping up their game with a Boxee Remote Control for PC and Mac, offering all users the innovation and cool control previously unavailable to anyone without a Boxee Box. This device is a two-sided controller with full QWERTY keypad that will allow you to interact with Boxee software seamlessly, allowing you to use your Mac or PC computer to bring all your favorite media to your TV.

Media control! That's the name of the game. Home theater enthusiasts, as they're called, aka the folks who take the time to set up a full video and audio network for themselves in their home, will be pleased to find that this new remote allows you to search and share with social networks using the Boxee software on PC or Mac, also allowing you access to every other bit of Boxee features you'd normally expect with your Boxee Box. And it's no normal remote. With the included nano-sized USB adapter, you'll be able to use RF signals that will stop the need for pointing directly at the receiver, aka the thing you've been doing for years with infrared TV remotes.

You've got a keyboard on top, a touchpad, menu and play buttons underneath, and a lovely smooth surface all around. Rock some sweet media in full HDTV 1080p with a remote – and the software will be completely free forever. Well played, D-Link! You'll be able to pick this remote up for $49.99 now at several online retailers, and the software update making this device work will be out this fall.

On the other hand, you can get the remote on Amazon today for $39.99. Sounds like a win to me. On the other hand, if you've already got a Boxee Box, you could just get the iPhone remote app.