Boxee gets Linux update: Hulu & App Box, still no Netflix

Another update has seen the Linux version of the Boxee multimedia platform gain Hulu support, together with access to the App Box download system.  Boxee V. also gains a new GUI skin and brings the Linux version better up to date with the OS X version of the app.

What's still missing is Netflix support, for either streaming movies or TV shows, which was added to the OS X version of the app back in December 2008.  Hulu functionality is the same pseudo-workaround as added earlier this month, which uses a combination of RSS feeds and an integrated Mozilla-based browser engine to display the streaming service's content.

Boxee remains a free app, available – in varying states of development – for Linux, Windows, OS X and AppleTV.  Linux users may be able to access this latest version through the Update Manager tool on Ubuntu systems.

[via Slashdot]