Both iPhones AND The iWatch Now Said To Arrive September 9

Remember how the iWatch is a mythical beast that nobody has ever really seen, but we all believe exists? Yeah, well, here we go again with iWatch rumors! A new report says this Apple-made wearable will show up on September 9 — alongside both new iPhones. Yikes.

This comes to us via Re/Code, who were among the first noting Apple would (could, really — there's nothing official yet) have a September 9 announcement for their new 4.7-inch iPhone. Like the rest of us, they were also told the larger iPhone and iWatch would be announced later on, likely in October. That seems to have changed.

Of note is that Re/Code isn't citing any source, but are definitively saying we'll see two phones and a wearable from Apple on September 9. The oft-discussed smartwatch from Apple has been tightly controlled, with very little in the way of believable rumor flowing from Asian manufacturing partners. We've yet to see the hyped leaks about the iWatch we've seen with the iPhone.

What we do hear about is Apple sourcing partners for their health initiatives, which tie directly into HealthKit. We don't get much in the way of hardware specs for the wearable, but when it comes to software — a much more powerful avenue for consumer happiness — they may be edging everyone else out.

Then again, an announcement doesn't mean a release. Like iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple could announce the wearable, but release it later on. Fortunately, we don't have long to wait for an announcement. A few weeks away, September 9 will be an exciting day for Apple fans.

Source: Re/Code