Bocci flush-fitting power outlets

No matter how slick the adaptor you plug into your wall, if the socket it's going into looks ugly then the Good Housekeeping people will never be around to photoshoot your home. Thankfully Bocci are on hand with an alternative to cracked plastic outlets or brass-finished surrounds. Their flush-fitting outlets appear to float in the plastered drywall; of course, the system behind making it look so effortless is never quite so simple.Check out the demo video of exactly how the system works, after the cut

This isn't something you'd screw in as a replacement to an existing socket. Bocci's product consists of a flush-fitting mounting box which is slotted into the drywall and then plastered over as usual. All that's left are two (or one, three or four) holes, into which round socket units are fitted. A specially-designed removal tool makes pulling them out straightforward, and Bocci also have cable, phone, ethernet and other ports available.

It's not all happening at shin-level, either. Light switches and dimmers are available too, meaning you can rid your entire room of ugly protruding outlets. All safety certified with CSA and UL approval, they're apparently available now but the Bocci website is coy with pricing (which tends to mean expensive).

[via core77]