The Revolve power strip helps with bulky plugs

Abby McVay - May 20, 2008, 8:38am CDT

Everyone has their ways of dealing with all the cords that tend to pile up with all of the gadgets and computers that all of us seem to have around. I have my way of just tucking them aside in a tangled mess. However, there are a great deal of tech enthusiasts that would prefer something a bit more organized, and perhaps even a bit convenient as well.

Revolve was designed by Takumi Yoshida, who takes the typical power supply and gives it a slightly different touch. Although I have enjoyed some of the more elaborate power strips, this one is much more practical and one that could easily slip its way into your average tech or office supply store.

Each individual socket will turn to accommodate cords that have those bulky plugs. Making it a much better design than the average strip which typically forces you to cover more than one outlet.

[via techdigest]

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