B&N NOOK could hit UK in late March

Barnes & Noble's international launch plans for NOOK could see the 7-inch NOOK Tablet arrive in the UK later this month, it's suggested, with a developer workshop in London planned to encourage app submissions. The workshop, taking place on March 19 Ebook Magazine reports, doesn't specifically mention the UK release of the NOOK line-up, but does hint that developers in the country could hope for similar success to their US counterparts.

"Join NOOK Developer for a workshop on NOOK Apps. We will deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on NOOK tablets and cover the entire development process — from app creation to app submission" Barnes & Noble's blurb for the event says. "Learn how to quickly monetize your business in a storefront where, in the US, top-selling apps gross more than $100,000 in the first 30 days of sale."

Although the NOOK business has been a bright spot in otherwise mediocre financial results for Barnes & Noble of late, its current limit solely to the North American marketplace has arguably held its full potential back. Rival ereaders, such as the Kindle, have been on sale internationally for some time now, as have budget Android tablets.

B&N has said it is considering splitting off the NOOK business and running it independently from its bookstore business, though no timescale for that taking place has been confirmed. The company is yet to comment on the rumors of a UK release.

[via Android Community]