BMW trained an AI to tell you exactly when your tires are unsafe

BMW is rolling out predictive tire wear AI, promising to spot leaks much earlier and make more accurate suggestions on when you really need to replace a worn wheel. The new Digital Tyre Diagnosis system is being added to the My BMW App, though only for a select number of models and locations to begin with.

Most motorists are aware of the need to replace their tires on a timely basis, as the tread wears down and grip weakens as a result. Exactly when that should take place, however, can vary considerably, as a factor of tire type, driving style, road surface and dynamics, and more.

BMW's answer is a new artificial intelligence system in the cloud service powering the My BMW App. With it, tire pressure losses can apparently be spotted much sooner than the traditional tire pressure monitoring system already offered on its cars. "Statistical information and AI methods can also be used to make predictions about the wear of the vehicle tires," BMW adds, "so that a forecast can be made about the remaining service life of the tires until the recommended minimum tread depth is reached." It's unclear at this point exactly what data BMW is calling upon to make its calculations, though it's not hard to imagine the various vehicle sensors tracking how aggressively you drive, spotting losses in traction, and other tidbits to better educate its machine learning.

The warning is flagged up in the vehicle itself, and through the BMW app. However, the automaker also plans to offer an opt-in service whereby proactive tire maintenance could be triggered too. That way, fo example, an appointment to replace the affected tires could automatically be booked.

Initially, Digital Tyre Diagnosis will be offered on the new BMW iX and BMW i4 models, the automaker's fully-electric SUV and sedan. It'll be available from today, in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Norway. Over time, BMW plans to expand it to other models in its line-up.

It's part of a broader update for the My BMW App, which also includes new digital key features. Tapping ultra-wideband (UWB), for example, the BMW Digital Key Plus system will be first offered for iPhone users with an iX SUV EV, though other models will get the technology later.

Remote Theft Recorder will send a push notification to users through the app, if their vehicle's alarm is triggered. Cameras outside and inside the car will then capture and send images of what's happening to the app, assuming their vehicle is fitted with an alarm, Parking Assistant Plus, and the Interior Camera options.

Calendar Locations, meanwhile, can synchronize the BMW infotainment system with a driver's calendar. The car then knows the locations of appointments for the upcoming 72 hours, and can present them as shortcuts within the navigation app rather than forcing drivers to input the destination manually.

The new iOS and Android versions of the My BMW App are available to download from today. Not all vehicles will get all of the new features, unsurprisingly, as it will depend on how your car is configured and equipped.