BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is the future of electric bicycles

BMW is challenging the norm with its slew of mobility concepts at the 2021 German Auto Show. Among those that fascinated us the most is the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY, short for Adaptive Mobility. There are two AMBY concepts, in fact, and both are electric bicycles. The Motorrad Vision AMBY is a motorized bicycle without conventional pedals, whereas the i Vision AMBY is a traditional mountain bike with pedals and electric assist.

"The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY enables our customers to experience urban life in a whole new way, cover distances more flexibly, and break free of the city from time to time," said Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad. "It's a fascinating introduction to the world of BMW Motorrad that also promises maximum riding pleasure."

Whereas the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is a cutesy electric minibike with a vintage flavor, the Vision AMBY merges the characteristics of a mountain bike and an enduro motorbike. It has slender proportions, 26-inch front and 24-inch rear wheels, rugged tires, and fixed footrests. Meanwhile, the drive unit and battery are at the center of the frame. Weighing only 137 pounds (65 kg), BMW claims Vision AMBY is lighter than a conventional motorbike.

On the other hand, the i Vision AMBY crosses between a racer and a mountain bike. It has a sculpted aluminum upper frame tube to convey an image of dynamic sportiness, while the single-sided swingarm adds a unique and distinctive touch.

The 2,000 Wh battery is mounted centrally in the frame and enables up to 186 miles of pedaling range. It also has 27.5-inch wheels and wider tires to deliver maximum comfort at higher speeds.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Amby and i Vision AMBY are operated via a smartphone app to control the speed levels for different types of roads. Both concepts can go up to 16 mph on cycle paths, 28 mph on city roads, and up to 37 mph on multi-lane roadways. Standard geofencing technology combined with advanced mapping allows both electric bikes to adjust the speed level automatically without driver intervention.

"The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY takes us into new territory," added Heinrich. "Our aim was to develop an extremely emotional vehicle for smart mobility in and around the city that offered maximum freedom."