BMW 4 Series Convertible drops hardtop for luxury cruising

Chris Davies - Oct 14, 2013
BMW 4 Series Convertible drops hardtop for luxury cruising

BMW has revealed its 4 Series Convertible, the drop-top version of the 4 Series Coupe launched earlier this year, with a retractable solid roof and an M Sport option. Wider and longer than the 3 Series Convertible, the new model will come with a choice of gas (435i or 428i) or diesel (420d) engines, location depending, for up to 306HP, though a four-wheel drive xDrive version won’t be available until spring 2014.

On the outside, there are new tweaks like the “Air Breathers” just behind the front wheel arches, which BMW says reduce turbulence and drag, while they also use “Air Curtains” and various other aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption. Auto-stop, brake energy regeneration, and other features work in the ECO PRO mode to cut thirst by up to 20-percent.

Power is pushed through a choice of six-speed manual, eight-speed auto, or eight-speed sports auto transmissions, with the latter having paddle-shifters. Rear-wheel drive is standard, though the 428i will get an AWD option next year. The 428i will do the 0-60mph run in 6.2s, while the 435i does the same in 5.5s.


As for the roof, it’s a three-piece hardtop which has a new headliner for better noise insulation, along with traditional coupe-like extras such as overhead lighting that you might not usually get in a convertible. When retracted, there’s a motorized “load and unload assistance” feature to shift it out the way when putting bags in. BMW opted to lower the seats inside rather than raise the roofline to make sure there’s sufficient headroom. It’ll drop in 20 seconds, BMW says, and at speeds of up to 11mph.


The rest of the interior is the usual BMW mixture of leather and metal. The seatbelts are integrated into the seats themselves, which are motorized as standard but can also be spec’d with integrated neck-warmers for those in the front. The dash gets BMW ConnectedDrive, with navigation, a head-up display, driving assist to warn of pedestrians in the road ahead, and new LED headlamps.


The BMW 4 Series Convertible will arrive in dealerships come Q1 2014; in the US, the two gas versions will be offered, but not the diesel. They’ll be priced from $49,675 for the 428i, and from $55,825 for the 435i.

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