Blue HTC One Release A Best Buy Exclusive In The USA

Those planning on heading in to their local mobile carrier this week to pick up the HTC One in Metallic Blue had better think twice: this device is coming to Best Buy exclusively inside the USA. While the Blue HTC One doesn't differ from its silver or red iterations inside, the casing (the metal casing front and back, that is) is distinct. The folks at HTC have suggested that special pricing will be in effect this weekend as the Blue HTC One kicks off as a color exclusive for Best Buy this Sunday.

This version of the device will be available with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, and sold at Best Buy locations across the country, at Best Buy Mobile locations, and online. Of course not every Best Buy will be carrying the phone – you'll need to make sure they've got the device in-stock if you want to be sure. Meanwhile the non-Blue version of the device is already in-store at each of the carriers listed above.

This launch appears to be part of a big turnaround for Best Buy, a chain of stores inside the USA that'd fallen on hard times not too long ago, having to close a series of locations across the United States in response to poor sales. It was back then that "showrooming" was blamed for the problems Best Buy had – people coming in to stores only to see the products, heading back home and onto the internet then to buy them from other stores or auction sites like eBay.

ABOVE: HTC One in silver and Glamour Red aside HTC One mini.

It's a bit ironic if you look at it a certain way today, as according to a quick chat with USA Today this week, Wolfgang Muller, HTC's executive director of national retail in North America spoke up on how they decided to offer Best Buy the exclusive, saying it was due in a large part to the company's ability to show off the HTC One's Sense TV feature earlier this year.

So keep that in mind, citizens, when you head in to a Best Buy this weekend to pick up that bright Blue HTC One from your favorite carrier. Best Buy won this bid with an easy-to-spot demonstration station of the HTC One's abilities. It's because customers saw this and were impressed that Best Buy now stands to gain from the Blue in a big way.