BlackBerry Porsche Design smartphone will set you back $2,350

Something makes you feel justified of a Porsche's hefty pricetag when window shopping at your local dealership. But does this same mentality persist when viewing their new Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry smartphone? The device is set at $2,350, just enough to make a few jaws drop. We had recently seen it clear the FCC earlier with an estimated amount of $2,000, but it has clearly broken that barrier. It's hard to believe the P'9981 doesn't have decent hardware specifications.

We're used to seeing larger displays as in the Galaxy S II or iPhone 4S when it comes to the latest and greatest. But the Porsche Design, like the other BlackBerry QWERTYs out there, offers a 2.8" touch screen with a 640x480 resolution. If you were to spend $2,400 on a smartphone, wouldn't it make sense to ensure it has a decent camera? Its 5MP rear shooter most definitely can't compete with a few others currently in production. People have even started bragging about a possible 12MP camera included in the Galaxy S III.

So what it boils down to is brand name. After all, someone that plans on purchasing a smartphone at such a price isn't in it for the specs, but rather its uniqueness. It's bound to turn some heads with the built-in leather battery cover and custom theme. The Porsche Design P'9981 is only available in the UK and Middle East for the time being, but should make its way to the US soon enough.

[via Yahoo! Tech]