BlackBerry Playbook RadioShack price reduction in effect

Chris Burns - Oct 11, 2011, 5:50pm CDT
BlackBerry Playbook RadioShack price reduction in effect

It’s time again to reduce the price of a tablet PC, ladies and gentlemen, and today it’s the BlackBerry PlayBook at RadioShack. Starting immediately and running through November 5th, 2011, RadioShack will be offering the PlayBook for $279.99, though watch out, there’s two different deals going on! Details below! Meanwhile remember that this is one of the relatively few tablets on the market to be running the 1GHz Dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor, and RIM is backing it all the way through the future.

This tablet is not exactly known for its successes, but it’s certainly inspired the community to create better tablets. With the BlackBerry name on the hood and Texas Instruments powering the engine, is it enough for you to drop a couple of Benjamins to sign in? Isn’t this supposed to be the next step in the evolution of RIM and their BlackBerry mobile OS?

Perhaps, but with stories such as the BlackBerry service outage and the fact that BlackBerry is no longer the top mobile OS by a long shot (but still hanging on there in third!), you should definitely explore your options. If you DO decide to pick up a PlayBook, be sure to check out other deals on this device from Office Depot and Staples, and don’t forget to compare!

Here’s what RadioShack is offering:

BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB tablet computer, original price $479.99
10/7 till 10/15 : $180 instant price reduction
10/16 till 11/5 : $200 gift card

AKA if you shop at RadioShack a lot, you’re just looking at a $279.99 tablet, if you’re not an avid RadioShack shopper, you’re about to be.

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10 Responses to BlackBerry Playbook RadioShack price reduction in effect

  1. It’s a good tablet OS in many ways but there isn’t much in the way of good apps however, RIM did a good job with the browser and the core apps that it does have.

    By far the best browser on a tablet–very very close to desktop.
    Love the presentation mode on this thing and the movie player actually has pinch to zoom–amazing other tablets don’t do that.

    I’ve been debating on getting this and dumping my HP TouchPad.  . . . but like the TouchPad I just don’t know where the PlayBook is ultimately headed. If the screen was 1280X720 I wouldn’t hesitate but 1024X600. . .mmmmmm

    • “…I just don’t know where the PlayBook is ultimately headed.”

      Yes, and the ball is really in RIM’s court to make customers feel comfortable that the PlayBook is not going to disappear.  Fixing the native email issue would be a nice start.  Maybe introducing some new models.  The worst they can do is say nothing and do nothing – people will assume that the product is being abandoned.

  2. Its Worth Every Penny.  Has built in GPS, built in BlueTooth, Blackberry upgrades its OS over the air with incremental upgrades which makes the upgrades faster, Apps constantly being Added, charge lasts all day, portable enough that it goes with me everywhere, can browse the internet using the same data package that I’ve paid for using my phone, has “Video Chat” which was an OS upgrade, runs flash which allows me to do my homework online and awesome new games have been released for it with more to come.  Also RIM, the company that makes the Blackberry, has announced its commitment to the Blackberry Playbook and because of the power of the QNX OS its future ready since the QNX mobile OS is capable of running up to 32 cores.

  3. Picked up a 16GB model at Staples last week for $299. First impressions: QNX beats the heck out of both Android and iOS (I have an android phone and iPad). It is intuitive and amazing for multitasking. And not sure how, but the browser on this thing brings up websites virtually instantaneously! Even when using my Android phone Wifi hotspot (AT&T), websites snap into view immediately – faster than my desktop and much faster than my 1Ghz android phone.

    Just using web-based email clients now (Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo apps included) so don’t miss lack of standard client (understand it’s coming shortly). The build is definitely high quality and it is east to hold in one hand – nice rubberized backing means less likely to drop it. The screen is beautiful and it get great battery life. Photo and video handling are excellent. Also has GPS and supports VPN.

    Now if RIM can just get more app developers working and put out the latest update soon, i think they might actually have a hit at a sub $300 price (16GB).

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