comScore: iOS still ahead of Android in total user base thanks to iPads

According to a new report released by research firm comScore, iOS is still the leading platform for connected devices based on actual installed base and digital traffic. This seems contrary to the general perception that Android is the front-runner, and it is indeed when it comes to only smartphone figures, but with the inclusion of all connected devices such as tablets, Apple wins thanks to the continued dominance of the iPad.

Although Android leads with 43.7 percent market share when it comes to the US smartphone market, its total installed base including Android smartphones and tablets is surpassed by that of Apple's iOS. The installed base of the iOS platform takes the lead with 43.1 percent followed by Android at 34.1 percent and RIM's BlackBerry at 15.4 percent. All other platforms comprise the remaining 7.8 percent.

When it comes to non-computer internet traffic in the US measured by browser-based page views, the iOS platform leads by a greater gap with 58.5 percent market share, followed by Android with 31.9 percent, BlackBerry with 5 percent, and the remaining platforms with 4.6 percent.