Beware Amazon's $5 Unlimited Cloud Storage Black Friday deal

Amazon has revealed a Black Friday deal in which you'll get Unlimited Cloud Storage for five dollars – seems pretty good, yes? The five dollar deal will get you Unlimited – yes, really – storage on Amazon's servers, on the internet. You can access this data wherever you go, just so long as you have one of Amazon's apps that do such a thing. The problem here isn't the first year, it's every year after that. Once your first year of service is done, Amazon's pricing schedule goes back to normal.

Once you've sent $5 to Amazon for one year of Unlimited Storage, come next Black Friday, you'll have to pay your renewal fee. That'll be $60 for the same service for the next year. You can choose not to pay that amount, and no longer have storage with Amazon, but what then?

Amazon Prime photos unlimited storage's big caveat

You'll need to download everything you'd uploaded over the past year.

So those gigabytes and gigabytes of photos, videos, and documents of all sorts, they'll all be on Amazon's servers – you'll need to buy some serious external hard drive space to make up for all the space you've used over the year.

But you won't want to do that. You'll find a 2TB drive at your local electronics store – or on – and it'll cost you something like $70 to purchase. So you'll decide it's just worth it to keep the $60 price yearly for the Amazon Cloud Storage. It'll just be easier.

On the other hand, you might just be the sort of person that's OK with spending $60 a year for unlimited storage online, and don't plan on ever not being fine with such a price. If that's you, go for it!