Best Buy slash PlayBook to sub-$200

Chris Davies - Nov 20, 2011, 5:15 am CST
Best Buy slash PlayBook to sub-$200

Best Buy has slashed pricing of the BlackBerry PlayBook, with the entry-level model down to under two hundred dollars as retailers attempt to provoke interest in RIM’s little-loved slate. The 16GB PlayBook is now just $199.99, with the 32GB and 64GB models at $299.99 and, bizarrely, $229.99 respectively.

It’s not the first discounted PlayBook pricing we’ve seen, though it is some of the most significant. Earlier this week, Canadian retailers were tipped to be readying considerable discounts¬†ahead of the holidays, and the 7-inch QNX tablet has been the subject of several temporary and promotional cuts almost immediately after it launched.

Best Buy’s $300 discount seems to be working, too; the 16GB PlayBook is listed as backordered at time of writing, with the first deliveries of new orders expected to be in 1-2 weeks. We’d probably stump up the extra $30 and opt for the 64GB one at a bargain $230, also backordered, and which is listed as $470 off RIM’s RRP.

The PlayBook will be the recipient of a significant firmware update in February 2012, bringing a native email client, PIM access and – perhaps most significantly – support for certain Android applications. That should position the tablet as more of a standalone device, whereas currently key features like email require tethering to a BlackBerry smartphone or use of a webmail interface in the PlayBook’s browser.

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