Blackberry Playbook to go on sale for holidays

RIM hasn't found the success that it expected with the Playbook tablet in any way shape or form. I think most will agree that would be because the tablet was overpriced for the machine to lack the basic features that tablets are expected to have today. HP has been trying to sell its failed TouchPad tablet at a discounted price of $149 for a while via some resellers.

The catch with these TouchPad sales is that they have been with some catches. To get the TouchPad for $149 you had to buy a qualifying HP notebook or desktop. RIM is reportedly set to launch a Christmas special on the Playbook that it hopes will spur the moving of some of the stock that locations have around the country.

The price for the Playbook is said to be dropping to $199, $299, and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB versions. That $199 price puts the Playbook in direct price competition with the TouchPad deals but the Playbook buyer doesn't need to get a notebook as well. The catch is that the Playbook is still very feature limited.

[via AppleInsider]