Best Buy Puts Current Mac Models On Sale, Supports iMac Refresh Coming This Week

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If you are in the market to buy a new Apple iMac or any of the other products in the Mac lineup, then pay attention. Best Buy has just put all of its current Mac products on sale, including all Macbooks, iMac, Mac pro, and Mac mini computers. The sale can potentially save you up to $260 on a Mac Pro and generally under $100 for all of the other Mac products. An additional incentive to make the plunge is free shipping.

The deal may be enticing, but if you don't want to regret picking up an older generation iMac just a day before the new one is released, then hold on tight. We reported last week that a refreshed iMac was likely to arrive on May 4th. Speculation had been building up on the refresh due to reports that there were constrained supplies of the current model iMac on retailer inventory sheets. Delays on shipping iMacs for online orders until May 2nd, also further supported this claim.

The new iMac will likely feature Intel's latest Sandy Bridge processor chip along with Apple's new Thunderbolt connector port. Your attempt to save $70 off by purchasing the current-gen iMac on sale could make you lose out on the added performance and speed of the next-gen iMac, just days away. Either way, you can check out the sale here.

[via MacNN]