Best Buy $50 Insignia NS-HD01 HD Radio gets reviewed

Chris Davies - Jul 13, 2009

Best Buy’s Insignia NS-HD01 HD Radio – first tipped back in May – can be had for $50, and that was enough for digital-media maven Dave Zatz to pick one up to review.  For $49.99 you can’t expect too much, but comments to our original article left us worried that the Insignia – which also appears to be the iNiquity KRI – might be a real dud.

The NS-HD01 promises up to 10hrs runtime from the built-in rechargeable battery, plus both FM and free-to-air HD Radio reception.  There are ten (tricky to program) preset slots, a 3.5mm headphone jack (which you could also plug into your car stereo’s aux-in port, if it has such a thing) and even comes with an arm-band holder.

Dave found that sound quality was let down by the shoddy supplied headphones – no surprise there, really – and that his stereo headsets from the iPhone and other brands don’t seem to work properly with the Insignia’s headphone jack.  He’s still impressed, though; full feedback at Zatz Not Funny and more coverage at CNET.

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