BBM Video released in Beta for Android

Thank goodness, BBM Video has arrived (as a public Beta) in the United States this week. I, personally, was beginning to think it'd never arrive. Because I forgot that it existed, to be entirely honest. But now that it's here, BBM Video from Blackberry will be good to test against the masses of video messaging services that may have become complacent in the absence of any real massive competition. OR it'll be fun to speak with your one friend with a BlackBerry phone with video, at last.

For Android users there's an open Beta for BBM Video that'll be available as of this afternoon. Some users have gained access as early as this morning – we're still waiting!

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This BBM Video action comes in the form of an update to the basic BBM app. This app has been available for users for many months on several platforms. This update is ready for Android first.

There is also an iOS version of this video chat app coming soon – but for now, it's all Android. And BlackBerry, of course. Do you own a BlackBerry 10 device? Let us know if you'd like to chat!

Meanwhile BlackBerry's news has mostly been focused on the low number of BlackBerry 10 users and the relatively low unit sales of the first BlackBerry Android device, the BlackBerry Priv. For more information on that device, head over to our first review: BlackBerry Priv Review Part I: Why you might want this.