BB Priv screen easy to remove says guy who bends Nexus 6Ps

It might not be able to completely saved the company, but the BlackBerry Priv is indeed worthy of a bit of praise. A quality build which BlackBerry is quite popular for is finally paired with a mobile platform that won't leave users begging for more. It is, however, also an expensive device, which would make your hear skip a beat should it fall down screen first on the pavement. But worry not, says JerryRigEverything, as that screen is easy peasy to remove and replace should it suffer that fate.

If the name sounds familiar, you might have seen the recent flurry of comments and counter tests surrounding JerryRigEverything's bend test of the Nexus 6P, which twice ended up in pieces in his bare hands. The guy obviously know how to torture smartphones so he might also be knowledgeable about tearing them down non-destructively in order to build them up again.

Given the complexity of a slider form factor, you might presume that it would actually be difficult to remove the screen. Not so, says JerryRigEverything. All you need is to heat up the adhesive, which is found only on the edges of the display, and use something like a business card to break through the glue. That's it. No screws and no need to open up the rest of the smartphone. Well, except for that connector underneath.

Interestingly, getting the battery out involves a bit more work, which includes prying the back cover off, removing two screws, heating the adhesive under the battery carefully, and very carefully using the pull tab to lift the battery, hoping it won't damage the cables beneath.

The process does seem a tad easy but also a tad tedious. And the screen might be easy to remove, but that doesn't say nothing about how cheap it will be to replace, given it's a fused display yet again. We will look forward to when iFixit finally gets their hands on a BlackBerry Priv to get a more formal repairability rating for the device.

And if you're wondering if JerryRigEverything also subjected the BlackBerry Priv to torture, yes, he did that too. Somewhat.