Nexus 6P destroyed, then accused of bend-test fail

A so-called "bend-test" has been performed on Google's Nexus 6P this week, but only after the device's structural integrity had been compromised. You'll find "JerryRigEverything" taking to the Nexus 6P with a set of metal picks of increasing hardness, gouging in to the front of the device. After essentially destroying the glass, he makes certain of its destruction by pressing said glass, breaking it in two. Then he does some "heat tests." These tests include literally taking a flame to the device to see how its display reacts. Only AFTER all of this – and a few scratches to the back of the device to see the scratch resistance of the metal, he does a "bend test."SEE: our Nexus 6P Review

So after compromising the structural integrity of the Nexus 6P, this user decides to test the structural integrity of the Nexus 6P. He bends it, and – surprise! It breaks! Imagine that! This device is made with metal with some give to it. You can see and feel it move ever-so-slightly if you try to bend it yourself.

But it's supposed to.

If you make a device that's too hard, it'll stay bent or break when you bend it. Apple's iPhone 6s Plus seemed to suffer from this when it was first released. Now Huawei's Nexus 6P is being accused of something similar.

Only this device isn't bending in people's pockets. It's just fine in your pocket. You can sit on it and it'll be just dandy.

If, however, you cut into the glass that covers the display up front, then crack that glass, then scrape the metal at the back of the device, then put a flame to the device, then bend the device with all your might – THEN you might find some bending going on.

Watch the bend test below and tell us where you see the bend occurring. Blatant hint: it breaks in exactly the same place where the flame had been applied earlier.

Do not trust the assertions of this video.

The Nexus 6P is perfectly resistant to bends, and just as resistant to scratches as any other device with the same glass – Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It's fine. It's not perfect, but it's certainly not as terrible as this test suggests it is – not by a long shot.