Martin Dickinson

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Wigan, England
University Of Bolton, University Of Salford, Wigan & Leigh College, St John Rigby College
Space Travel, Apple Devices, Technology In Entertainment
  • Martin is a dedicated follower of NASA and space travel news, and has enthusiastically been following every launch and mission that goes up into space ever since he could remember.
  • Martin has always been fascinated by the technology that goes into the making of big budget movie blockbusters, the computer generated imagery, the cameras used, etc. He has written extensively on the subject for a number of different websites since he started writing full-time in 2019.
  • Martin has been obsessed with Apple products since he first got his hands on an iPhone 3GS back in 2008. Ever since he has tried his best to buy the latest models of all Apple devices but is usually hamstrung by a low bank balance.


Martin has contributed to a number of technology, entertainment and sports websites over the years, including SlashGear, Wrestling Inc., Ringside News, The Sportster and Last Word on Sports. His work has included news articles, list articles, full features and essays, previews for future events and has been a part of roundtable discussions.


Martin has a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Bolton and a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Salford. Martin also has A-Levels in Information Technology, Graphic Design and Photography.
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