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Zelda fans can now own a real ocarina

If you’re a big Zelda fan, you might want a few real life things to hold onto to show your love for the game. Well nothing quite says fanboy like owning a real live ocarina that is completely playable.


iPod Swing Speakers attach like a case

iPod Swing Speakers attach like a case

If you're still on the lookout for speakers to fit your style, these slim little guys attach directly to your iPod. Making it so that you can easily keep your music on you at all times and have less cords dangling in your way.

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Nissan dealers to use ICP Solar Battery Chargers

Cars, especially new ones that sit on the lot have a tendency to kill batteries.  Which is due to all of the embedded electronics that suck juice even when the car isn’t in use.  Well for car dealers it can become a bit of a nuisance to have to replace batteries all the time.

Therefore Nissan has decided to use ICP solar chargers just for that purpose.  They will be sending them to the Nissan dealers in North American and Europe.


Betsey Johnson electronic accessories at Best Buy

If you have a thing for the designer Betsey Johnson, then Best Buy has a new line of gadget accessories you might be interested in.  It features several different styles and sizes of cases to fit all of your small electronics.

They not only have several iPod cases, but a camera, phone and set of laptop cases as well.  All three of the laptop bags will hold a laptop up to 15.4”.  The iPod cases will hold either the Touch or the Classic.  It doesn’t seem that they have any to fit the Nano.

The camera has both a small and medium size, whereas the phone cases will fit most smaller phones.  The prices range from about $20 all the way up to $140.  The camera cases happen to be cheaper than usual as of now.

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Analysts predict the computer mouse is dying

Analysts seem to be the most bored people on the planet, so instead of picking up a few video games and doing something constructive, they make predictions.  The latest and greatest is that the computer mouse will be dead in five years.

Instead of a mouse they are predicting we’ll be using things like facial recognition systems, multi-touch and devices like OCZ’s mind-reading Neural Interface Actuator.  I’m sorry but I really truly don’t want to be sitting at my computer looking like this guy.


Paramount releases their first three game titles

Back in March Paramount movie studios announced that they were going to be breaking into the gaming business. Now they’ve just announced their first three titles and I have to say I’m quite underwhelmed.

They announced that they will be releasing Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty in Pink. Although I very much liked the movies they listed (well except Pretty in Pink), there isn’t a chance in hell I’d play a game based off of them. I am a bit of a girl, so I do like girly things.

However, unless I’m lobbing off some teen zombie’s head I’m really not going to be into these games. Although the movies were entertaining to watch, I really don’t have high hopes for these games.

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The Cyber Clean cleans out your keyboard

We’ve all heard that our keyboards are probably one of the most disgusting germ infested items we come across on a regular basis.  However, there are still a great many of us who either don’t do a lot about it or just don’t know how to go about cleaning off all of the gunk.


The Bed Beam shoots rays of light from under your bed

If you’d like to wake up every morning feeling like a ray of #@!%* sunshine, well then this is the bed for you. This bright and shining bed shoots rays out from underneath your bed as if the sun rose and set from out of your ass mattress.


Brando’s food inspired USB drives

If you prefer your gadgets looking extremely edible, these cute little guys from USB Brando would be great. They have everything from your health foods to the slightly more high calorie treats.


Limited Edition The Simpsons Engraved iPods

The Simpsons have been around long enough that they could slap their name on just about anything and it’d end up selling to several of their faithful fans.  Well now they’re getting into technology and selling custom engraved iPods.

Granted, they will quite obviously cost a little extra, but this limited edition set is definitely worth a look.  They are selling a few different styles that are engraved onto different sizes of iPods.


The Max Door unlocks via a remote

If you’re just dying to have a smart home, one way to get you started is a front door that works like a car door. It comes complete with a remote to unlock it, just like you would for your car.


The floral SanDisk Cruzer Patter USB Drive

Not everyone has 15 different flash drives just lying on their desk at any given moment. Just waiting to be swooped up and actually used for something. In some parts of the world, people only have a couple or even less.


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