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Laser Parking System allows for a perfect parking job

If you’d like to get a slightly updated and higher tech solution to parking perfectly in your garage, as opposed to using a tennis ball on a string you might pick up one of these lasers. It will help guide you into your garage and make sure that you’ve pulled up as far as you can.


Recycled Laptop Bag perfect for back to school

It’s just about August which means many will be making their way back to school. For some, that means a bit of shopping and a new laptop bag. Well if you’re going to pick up a new one you might as well pick one up made out of recycled materials.


Dream Arcade’s Octane 120 features a kegerator

Seriously, a built-in kegerator, this arcade machine offers several nice speccs, but nothing can quite top the fact that is has a kegerator. Not only that but there is a tap right next to the steering wheel and then one the back as well.


Dr. Who TARDIS fitted with a gaming cabinet

Dr. Who has been a major geeky icon for quite some time, so it is only logical that someone take the Police Box and take it one step further. They actually crammed a home made arcade set up that will play plenty of retro games.


BlizzCon tickets up for sale Aug 11

Finally, the official date has been announced as to when tickets for BlizzCon will go up for sale. The lucky ones that will be making their way there can pick them up as of August 11th.

Just in case you’ve somehow forgotten, it will be October 10th and 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center which is located in Anaheim, CA. The tickets will be sold for $100 a piece, but there is hope for those that can’t make it to the convention.


Full-sized NES used as belt buckle

There are gamers and then there are gamers that take their gaming to a whole different level. One gamer decided to take his full size NES and turn it into a belt buckle.


Circuit-bent Pikachu Instrument is terrifying

I have always had just a bit of animosity towards Pikachu, he’s just way too perky. Anything that is that excited all of the time needs squished immediately, preferably under an ACME sized mallet. Not turned into a MIDI-controlled circuit-bent musical instrument.


Beverly Hills 90210 limited edition iPod

Alright, so the series of the iPods engraved with The Simpsons, that was badass.  This however, is just sad and a bit late I might add.  Seriously, 90210, are you kidding me?!

It’s limited edition and everything, which is probably best.  No one wants too many of these roaming about the earth.  You can also get a cheesy little message engraved below the image.


Headphone Muffs to escape the heat somewhere cold

For those of you that like to leave all the summer heat and head out for a bit of snowboarding, well, you’re all freaks. Alright, maybe not freaks exactly, but its still wrong, because I said so mostly. Well one DIYer decided to make these warm squishy headphones that keep your head warm while keeping your tunes going.


Ice Red Bags comes out with two new styles

Ice Red Bags have a couple new laptop bags to keep your laptop bag stylishly protected. They are both very different from each other, one being more sporty and the other a bit retro.

The Urban Laptop Tote Bag is the sportier style, it will hold up to a 15.4” laptop. It also has compartments for your smaller electronics and other random objects you may need to carry around. It comes in blue, red, gray and black.


Real Mooncloth Bag from WoW

Anyone has dabbled a bit in WoW know what a Mooncloth Bag is, well now you can own one in real life. Through the beloved Etsy of course, granted it is kind of a girly depiction of the bag.


Asteroids Lamp for chic gamers

This may not be a product officially sold through the people that created the game Asteroids. It is still just as cool and by no means are small novelty lamps.


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