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The hideously pink PSP promotes a PC game

Marketing certain games and the way it is done sometimes blows my mind, for example this painfully pink PSP. That obnoxious image on the front, that’s not promoting a PSP game, no, it’s promoting a PC game.


Maxx Digital DVD player mimics the PSP

I like many others love my PSP and it turns out that Maxx Digital has a similar fondness for the portable gaming device. Actually, they would just like to borrow a few of the design qualities.


Study finds online Doctors are more effective

Turns out that seeing the your doc less might be better for you, that is according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was conducted studying 778 patients with high blood pressure.


The very chic Portobello laptop bags

Portobello has come out with a few laptop bags that look great and aren’t quite so obviously laptop bags. Instead they blend in well with the oversized purses that have become so popular.

The line has several different options, from the overly chic to the more relaxed styles, for those that don’t really fit with the faux croc leather bags. The best part is the security that comes with having one of these bags.

Each one has a tracker ID tag, so if you lose it or it’s taken you can easily find it again. The bags start at around $300 and go up from there. Luckily they have a line for both the UK and the US as well as other parts of the world. Their bags will fit both 13” and 15” laptops.

[via shinyshiny]

Fairy Office Lights are silly but cute

A few days back I wrote up a usb hub that happened to have a task light attached, the usefulness of the light was a bit of a stretch. However, at least there was the hub so it was still a practical and useful item. Yet this string of fairy lights can only be described as shiny.


The Gelule Clock Radio concept design

This cute little concept design is definitely not for those that have slanted floors. It’d end up rolling off the nightstand onto the floor the second it got to ringing. Then again that might help you rush out of bed to go find it, so I suppose it depends on your perspective.


Blizzard’s mysterious image updated

Blizzard has decided to add a mysterious image to their website, likely to cause a bit of a buzz. Which I’d say has been extremely successful since they have pretty much everyone speculating on what it could mean.


The Star Wars USB Hub with glowing lights

If you haven’t gotten enough of all the random Star Wars accessories, here’s two more and these do have a use besides looking cool. These little USB hubs have 4 different ports to keep your gadget addiction going strong.


GE’s Designer Series Ultra Slim Cordless Phone

Lately people are using home phones less and less, however, for some it is either necessary or they just aren’t willing to have nothing but cellphones in the house. I’m sure eventually landlines will disappear entirely, but for now there is this sleek phone from GE.


The Spider Universal Car Holder holds your gadgets

Alright, so I have to admit, I am the slightest bit of a Spider-Man dork. I have a Spider-Man trashcan, band-aids, pencils, well you get the idea. It actually started out me thinking it was funny, because in truth Superman is my absolute favorite superhero. Well for those that can’t get enough of the random superhero accessories here is yet another for you.


Fabrix Cases fit new and old iPhones

If you’re trying to prepare for the upcoming release of the new iPhone, this cute little case would work great, especially for current iPhone owners. The case is made to fit both the new and the old iPhone, so you could just swap it out when you get your new phone.


The Digimech clock only looks LED

Alright this incredibly cool clock has a slightly different take on the usual digital clock, by feeding the plastic strips through to show different times. The backing is clear to allow you to watch the gears do their work if you have a fascination for seeing the insides of your tech toys.