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Strapya creates cellphone cases from old tires

I’m pretty sure it’s been a little while since I’ve managed to write up anything from Strapya.  Who is known for their very odd cellphone accessories.

Well, at least this odd case is environmentally friendly.  It’s actually made out of used tire tubes, for once they have created a case that isn’t utterly terrifying or so beyond geeky that even I have an issue with it.  Which says a lot, because seriously, I like things made out of old circuit boards.


The Suunto Lumi watch comes equipped with barometer

This chic little watch looks like it’d be sporting the bare minimum on extra features and is just meant to be cute. However, it actually is featuring more extras than the bulky watches usually meant for the outdoorsy types.


Unplugging cellphone chargers improves environment, sort of

We are all guilty of having our chargers lying about and typically they stay plugged into the outlet even when they’re not in use.  That is unless you’ve already caught wind that it’s actually bad to do that.

I sadly, actually caught wind that it was bad and still have stuck to my habits.  Mostly because I have a tendency to lose it otherwise.  Well it turns out that there is more proof that it could be best to unplug the charger.  That is according to a Natural Philosophy Professor, David J.C. MacKay at the University of Cambridge.


The Cigarette Tin Boom Box

Upon first glancing at this little mod, my initial thought was shock. They really still make tin cigarette boxes? I mean, I don’t smoke but I did work in a gas station that sold a lot of cigarettes a very long time ago. I don’t actually recall seeing a single tin of cigarettes.


The GLaDOS GPS Voice is bound to make you nervous

The GLaDOS GPS Voice is bound to make you nervous

Portal has spawned several references that I'm sure will take quite a while to fade out.  Especially “the cake is a lie” random bits that seem to pop up.  Now, Portal has managed to get a Portal GPS system, which is wrong on so many levels.

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Tyrant Alarm makes unwanted phone calls

There have been several overly cruel alarm clocks pop up, the Sonic Boom alarm has been probably the worst, that is until now.  This clock appears perfectly innocent, but it actually uses a bit of negative reinforcement to get your rear out of bed.

Every three minutes after it goes off, if you don’t shut it off, it will make random phone calls from your cellphone.  That’s right, have a number you’re hanging onto for sentimental reasons but would never call, it may get dialed.

Even worse is if you happen to wake up someone that wasn’t ready to be awake yet.  I’m fairly sure that this would be extremely effective to have you bolting to shut it off in time.  This is still a concept design though, so the world is safe for the moment.  It was created by Alice Wang.

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The Jot Dry-Erase Refrigerator

If you have issues with your kids drawing on the walls, you might pick up on of these Jot Dry-Erase refrigerators. Which allows for them to draw to their heart’s content without doing any permanent damage.

About a year ago I wrote up a similar fridge, however, it was sadly only sold in Brazil. This one is actually available here in the US.

It is being sold for $549, just make sure the munchkins don’t wander off and make all of your other appliances pretty colors. The best part is that if you look closely at the photo, the little girl is writing on the fridge “I will not write on the wall.”

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Nintendo NES Business Card Holders

If you’re feeling the need to express your love of retro gaming a bit more often, these business card holders are one way to do it. Although, from the picture I guessed it was either a DIY project or a mod posted on eBay. However, these are being sold by an actual company.


Genpets are the coolest toys to scare your friends

Many little girls had Barbie dolls and other random baby dolls they would tote around, including myself. Yet I have to say, if I had one of these as a kid, I would have tossed out every single Barbie doll to get my hands on just one.


PC mod made of old motherboards

Gadgets made out of motherboards are one of those things that I know are so incredibly beyond geeky with very little, if any chic thrown into the mix. Yet even knowing that I can’t ever get enough of them, which means this PC is drool-worthy in my book.


Sony Ericsson creates accessories with Maria Sharapova

Sony Ericsson has decided to go in with Maria Sharapova, which if you don’t pay the slightest bit of attention to sports, she plays professional racquetball. Wait no, that’s not it. Anyway, she and Sony Ericsson have created a line of accessories.


Activision’s Guitar Hero action figures

Activision has decided to come out with a set of dolls action figures to go with their long line of games. They teamed up with McFarlane toys and made these rock stars that all seem to be sporting extremely tiny legs.